9 popular questions about the loft

Today we will briefly answer the most popular questions that worry many of you, since there is some confusion in concepts..

How is loft style translated

Loft – translated from English means “attic”. After abandoned factories and factories were converted into living quarters, a new direction in interior design was born, which attracted the attention of the bohemian and later inspired her to a new stage in her work.

What does the word “loft” mean?

The word “loft” is appropriate to use both for a reconstructed production building and for a design style in the interior of a new house. Elite apartments are adapted for normal living, they can also be rented for various events for adults and children.

When and who invented the loft style

There are 2 versions of the appearance of the loft style: in the late 20s in Manhattan and East Queens, and in the 40s of the XX century. Based on history, the origin was in the first case, and it became relevant in the second half of the last century, which made it possible to raise prices for such premises.

What does the loft style look like and what is characteristic

By and large, the repair resembles a rough finish. The main features include: spacious rooms, “bare” brick walls, high ceilings, open communications, large windows without curtains, but modern furniture and appliances, stylish interior items must be present.

What colors are used in the loft style

Classic options are black, off-white, gray, popular colors are brown, beige, terracotta, metallic and bronze. It is permissible to use bright shades for decor, but pointwise, so as not to sharply focus on yourself and not violate the general concept and style of the interior.

What is the difference between a loft and an industrial

The loft is distinguished by its coziness and a touch of bohemianism; modern materials, antique-processed and decorative elements are used for decoration. In the second case, we have an almost complete imitation of an industrial premises, so Loft can be called refined industrial.

What is loft style in furniture

Furniture can be modern and antique, but always functional, you can combine old and modern models. The author’s works made of solid wood and slabs with epoxy resin are relevant, the economy option is the use of pallets (pallets), boxes and unplanned boards.

What is a loft party

It is very convenient to organize entertainment events in lofts, as there is a minimum of furniture and a maximum of free space. The main demand is for weddings, corporate events with catering. The chamber loft accommodates up to 30 guests. Spaces are leased.

What is a children’s loft

This is an interactive loft space for young children and their parents. The game rooms host various master classes, performances and themed parties. Premises are rented with payment of 3 hours or more, or guests buy tickets for individual events.

Also, this issue can be attributed to the design of the children’s room.


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