Loft-style lighting – description, photo

Lighting has a special role to play in the implementation of the overall concept of the interior. Chandeliers delight and interest people who have never heard of this style. The attractiveness and demand for products lies in the apparent simplicity of execution, laconic decor, inexpensive materials and a creative approach. Do-it-yourself loft lamps are easy to make, even for a person who does not have special knowledge and skills.

освещение в стиле лофт

Designers buy elements of lighting devices for expensive interiors in stores. And if the owner of the room makes out the space on his own, then he often uses materials that were in use.

освещение в стиле лофт

By and large, it is quite possible to do without financial investments at all. For the implementation of the idea, “rubbish” lying around in the country or in the pantry is suitable. Here’s a short list of what works for wall and pendant lights:

  • scraps of metal pipes, steel and cast iron corner fittings, nipples, radiator elements, all kinds of bent pipes made of stainless steel, or brass and steel, taps, valves;
  • large parts: washing machine drum, gears, metal nets, street lights, old buckets, kettles, kitchen graters, colanders, aluminum caps, car headlights;
  • cable, thick wire, chains, ropes, cords, rings, switches with a button;
  • rough rough sawn timber, stairs;
  • large or irregularly shaped incandescent bulbs, Edison bulbs, LEDs, large bulbs, bottles and cans.

Loft-style lighting – principles of use

To create a comfortable environment in a large room, it is necessary to use a variety of lighting devices, each of which will perform a specific task. Accommodation is possible on the ceiling, walls, floor, above tables. Structures are divided into static, movable, on racks and built-in.

General lighting

Functional industrial-style loft pendant chandeliers differ from the classic ones in that they are adjustable in height. They can be lowered or raised to the desired level, which is very convenient for high ceilings.

Several sets of luminaires on rails, mounted around the perimeter of the walls, are able to provide enough light for a large room. The “Spider” chandelier will undoubtedly become the most stylish and noticeable element of the interior.

Local lighting

To highlight a certain area of the room, the following lighting devices are selected:

  • built-in – in a stretch ceiling, furniture, boxes and panels;
  • pendant – lamps, swivel spots on the rods;
  • wall – sconces;
  • floor – floor lamps with an adjustable angle of inclination.

For study and work, a directional supply of light is necessary. Large pendant shades and table lamps are appropriate here. For the kitchen, you also need additional lighting on the walls or spotlights built into the furniture.

Old spotlights from photo studios and huge lamps from medical offices harmoniously fit into the industrial and loft style.

Decorative lighting

Its main goal is to focus attention on a specific design element using LED strips and tubes. And in conclusion, I would like to say that all extravagant chandeliers and lamps are suitable not only for the loft, but also for the Scandinavian style, Retro and Rustic.


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