Solid oak furniture: features, finishing methods, photos

If you want to buy high-quality furniture, then first of all it is worth learning more about the most elite wood growing in our area.

Oak is a tall tree with a mighty trunk and a spreading crown. It is known for its solid life span of 400 years or more. The most valuable is considered to be a bog oak, which has lain for at least 40 years under silt and sand in water, without oxygen. From this, the wood becomes even more durable, and the color is fawn with a golden hue. And if more than 1000 years have passed, then the tree acquires a unique dark purple or black color, from which the lumber is incredibly expensive.

Features of wood

The representative of the beech family belongs to hard breeds, has high performance characteristics, the main of which are:

  • high density;
  • resistance to moisture and decay;
  • moderate cracking at temperature extremes;
  • shape retention under high mechanical loads;
  • the presence of a unique natural pattern;
  • the ability not to cause allergies.

Scope of application

Our ancestors built ships from it, made barrels, made stairs, doors, windows, figurines, furniture. Nowadays, private craftsmen make window sills, wall panels, ceiling beams and other decorative elements from solid oak.

Подоконник из дуба

Solid oak furniture

Buying oak furniture will almost always be a good investment. Thanks to its excellent quality, it turns into a family heirloom and is often inherited. Antique lovers today have the opportunity to purchase items made at the end of the 19th century.

Status furniture made of solid oak will perfectly fit not only into the classic interior, but also into the loft style, Provence, Empire, Grunge, retro, country and high-tech. The only drawback is that it is very heavy and looks cumbersome, which dictates the obligatory presence of spacious rooms for its placement.

Remember that if you prefer systematic updates to your apartment or house, the expense will not be justified.

Solid oak tables

A large table will definitely be a source of pride for the owners. They put it in the living room or in the hall, in the office or in the home library.

Кухонный стол из трёх слэбов дубаKitchen table made of three oak slabs

Wardrobes, cabinets and dressers

Furnishing the bedroom in a classic version: bed, wardrobe, chest of drawers and bedside tables. The oak set is always made in the same style and in one color, taking into account the wishes of the customer.

Loft furniture made of solid oak

shelving made of solid oak and metalFunctional and stylish loft shelving

консоль в комнатуElegant console with thin metal legs

Bathroom furniture

Since this material is not afraid of water, furniture for rooms with high humidity is made from it. A designer cabinet made of burl oak will delight you every morning, because no one will have a second one.

Тумба из капового дуба

Garden furniture

For those who can afford to boast, manufacturers and private craftsmen offer custom-made garden furniture. Due to its resistance to moisture and temperature extremes, it can be safely placed on the street: in a summer cottage, on a terrace or in a gazebo.

Decorative finishing methods

In the carpentry production, winter wood is used, work with the material is carried out manually. Based on the processing methods, oak furniture can have a wide variety of colors: from golden to black.

Staining with ammonium hydroxide. Since working with natural bog oak was given only to the lucky ones, Gustav Stickley in the 19th century came up with an alternative way to visually achieve a similar result. The longer the treatment with ammonia haze takes, the darker the tone of the lumber.

Brushing. The essence of the process is to remove the top layer from the wood surface using electromechanical brushes. Next, a primer stain and varnish are applied. Due to the structured processing, the material becomes less loose and a beautiful textured pattern appears on the surface, giving a special charm to the product.

Patination of wood. The technology of artificial aging using special compounds or oils with hard wax.

Whitening. White transparent paint or Osmo oil is applied to the product, and after drying – a topcoat. Bleached fibers accentuate the beauty of Mother Nature’s design.

The most important decoration of solid oak furniture is carving. For hundreds of years, cabinetmakers have created truly unique pieces that are still the hallmark of the classic style.

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