What we order

Choose loft furniture from the catalogue. Probably you will be interested in what we have in stock.
Individual project. If you wish to turn your idea into reality tell us what you want, and we will together select appropriate material, color and will approve furniture sizes. Furniture manufacturing period: 5-30 days, depending on complexity.
Professional assistance. Our designer is an experienced specialist in interior decoration in loft style. During FREE consultation you will find our how industrial, bohemian, glamorous loft, as well as promoted nowadays hi-tech loft, can be implemented in the interior.

Our advantages

  • We do not charge up, so that to make you turn back to us again and again;
  • We cover our products only with those treatments, lacquers and resins, than can not affect your health;
  • We suggest a large number of exclusive slabs and saw cuts: catalpa, elm tree, apricot, cherry, oak, mountain poplar, rose acacia and etc. All raw material has been dried appropriately;
  • We provide FREE object modeling with wood textures taken from our slabs;
  • Furniture 3D visualization is a BONUS.